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The first places I'll mention are in Toronto, ON. Checked them out when I visited a couple months back, and was so impressed and inspired. However, I don't have any photos or interviews, just wasn't thinking about it at the time.

The Healthy Butcher 565 Queen St. West

The Healthy Butcher offers Certified Organic and Locally-Raised Beef, Chicken, Pork, Duck, Goose, Lamb, Elk and more. I drooled over the displays, the gentleman I spoke to at the counter was quite friendly. Really great selection of housemade sausages and tons of different cuts packed in, but the sleek black paper/black tray combo kept it from seeming cramped or messy. I was completely jealous of their digs as well, large staff, full kitchen in back, lots of space. Also has prepared foods and a small grocery section.

Rowe Farms 105 Roncesvalles Ave

The newest of 4 locations in Toronto. Very minimalist, sparse design. Attention is definitely drawn solely to the products of Rowe Farms. All of the meat sold is raised only by Rowe Farms. A young, enthusiastic guy also told me about a deal they have with a local caterer who comes and picks up meat, creates dishes like empanadas, vacuum seals them and then sells them back to the stores. So even the packaged, convenience foods are of high-quality.

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  1. Jamie Stachowski, "The Georgetown Butcher" has been making instructional and entertaining web videos about meat from his shop in Georgetown.

    Your readers might be interested in watching some of these videos.  Here's a link to one that details how he prepares and cooks a Delmonico Steak.