Rebounding in Brooklyn

I love this city! So happy to be home and ready to spread some serious Bacon Gospel. In addition to the dinner here in Brooklyn, I am announcing today a very special opportunity for New York bacon lovers. A one-time series of Curing The Ethical Butcher Way will begin next week! This series has been a big hit in Portland. This is the chance for 24 lucky and dedicated bacon lovers to head to the borough of Brooklyn to learn how to make their dreams come true!

Participants have two sessions to choose from and anyone is welcome to attend both sessions at a discounted price! Here's all the info, please email with questions or to register.

Session #1

October 25th
Curing The Ethical Butcher Way: Fruits and Flowers
More than just sweets, learn to cure with seasonal fruits, peppers, jams, and edible flowers like chamomile, lavender and roses.

November 1st
Curing The Ethical Butcher Way: After the Cure...Glazes and Crusts
This final session will focus on creative touches AFTER the cure. Some longstanding curing traditions call for rolling slabs in oatmeal or split peas before cooking, we'll also try cornmeal, rye flakes, shredded coconut and more!

Session #2

October 27th
Curing The Ethical Butcher Way: Coffee, Tea and Spirits
Curing with your favorite beverage is a fun way to enjoy flavors you love in an entirely different way! Whether you prefer tequila, single-origin coffee or Darjeeling, you'll look at your next drink in a whole new light after this class.

November 3rd
Curing The Ethical Butcher Way: After the Cure...Glazes and Crusts
This final session will focus on creative touches AFTER the cure. Some longstanding curing traditions call for rolling slabs in oatmeal or split peas before cooking, we'll also try cornmeal, rye flakes, shredded coconut and more!

Each participant will leave the class with their 5 pounds of their own bacon!
$80/session. $120 for both sessions!! Limit 12 people per session.
Contact: theeethicalbutcher@gmail.com for info on registration.

Just a few days until Heritage Breed Supper Club, Brooklyn! I am so excited to share this meal. Feeding friends is one of my favorite things in the world and to share my projects, which have grown and developed immensely since leaving NYC last year, is a very special honor. I now have Counter Culture Coffee on board for a beautiful pour-over station!

Only 6 seats left as of this posting! RESERVE TODAY!!!!!
Email: theethicalbutcher@gmail.com for info

On another note....

I have finally mentally recovered from the deeply disappointed dregs of my Canadian trip being cancelled. For those in who were looking forward to the dinners, I'll be back, with work visas in late spring. I have actually been planning a June 2011 trip to Newfoundland for a few years to document and learn about the traditional and controversial yearly seal hunt. It'll be easy to add Toronto and Montreal back into the mix and maybe in the mean time a few other Canadian east coast cities could be added. I will begin applying for the visas soon, so as to prevent another introduction Canadian Immigration folks.

I don't want to walk through the entire ordeal, but while the entire transaction was incredibly frustrating, I know the officer's rationale was legit. I was planning work in Canada and no one had thought about work visas. At least the agents are polite and respectful and I tend toward logic and reason in times of chaos and conflict. I gave up arguing pretty early into the interaction, my fate was sealed from about 90 seconds into the conversation, when the agent literally Googled my name and found this blog as well as several other articles about my dinners. The only option I was left with was to figure out how to get back into my homeland.

By some miracle, among the Toronto to NYC fares ranging from $500-1400, my helpful border agent found one for just a bit over $200. I then sat at my gate with the two border agents charged with escorting me from the Great White North. They were nice guys and didn't make me feel too criminalized. They gave me my own space for the last hour, sitting on the other side of the gate waiting area. This minute detail was not overlooked, having two armed officers escort you everywhere for a few hours gets old. Having that last hour to begin contacting friends in New York was greatly appreciated. Oh and thanks, Google.


The Good News is....

My proverbial best laid plans went horribly awry. Yesterday, I was turned away from the grand country of Canada as I attempted to enter as planned for my upcoming events. I am still reeling from this gargantuan wrench in my spokes and will write more about it after the dust settles a bit. For now, here's more info on the Brooklyn event.

Heritage Breed Supper Club, Brooklyn

Sunday, October 24th at 630 pm
Collect Pond 338 Berry St.
$35/person, $60/two. Three courses and one craft cocktail included in price.

The menu will be revealed the night of the event, but I'll tell you I am using some lovely ducks from Quattro Game Farms. Located just up in Pleasant Valley, this farm is regarded by many as the best source for local game birds. I am so excited to whop out this menu, if you have tickets already, you won't be sorry. There are still seats available, reserve today!!

Also, I will likely announce a series of Curing The Ethical Butcher Way, my bacon making class. Check back for details!


Tour Update

I am sitting at a cafe in sunny Oakland, the first few days of my trip have been great and I'm counting down the days until the Good Food Awards!

Tickets are still available for most events. Toronto dinners are completely SOLD OUT, but there is still plenty of room in the workshop! Read on for more info on Montreal and Brooklyn dinners!


Heritage Breed Supper Club, Toronto

Oct 17th, seatings at 5:30 pm & 8 pm

Grapefruit Moon 968 Bathurst Street

$30CAD/person. Three courses included in price. SOLD OUT!!! SOLD OUT!!!

Bacon for The Dot & Pig Butchery Workshop

October 19th, 6:30- 9:30 pm

Ralph Thornton Community Centre 765 Queen St East

$100CAD/person/workshop. Participants will make their own bacon & take home cuts created during workshop.

Heritage Breed Supper Club, Montréal

October 22nd, 7 pm ou 1900 h
Dépanneur Le Pick Up 7032 Waverly
$30CAD/person. Three courses included in price.

Heritage Breed Supper Club, Brooklyn

October 24 at 630 pm

274 Quincy Street, #1, Brooklyn, NY

$35/person, 2 for $60. Three courses & one cocktail included in price. GLUTEN-FREE MENU

For reservations, please contact: theethicalbutcher@gmail.com