Sustainable Kids Summer Camp!

Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire & Time and I are so excited about this and think it will be a marvelous fun filled week of learning and adventures. Each week will include field trips to explore shellfish farming as well as land-animal farming and pick-your-own exploration days on Sauvie Island.

We plan to cover basic nutritional information, the true cost of food, environmental effects, menu building, waste and re-use ideas, in creative ways to teach your kids how they can participate in feeding themselves better as well as being good stewards in our organic foods community. Each day will include lunch and two snacks as well as some practical skills in cooking techniques.

We will make preserves, cultured vegetables, nut butter and simple cheeses, dehydrated snacks, and water kefirs!

June 28- July 2 or Aug 16th – 20th

9am – 3pm

Ages 8-14 $365/ child, limited to 15 children per week

More information will come soon, but we anticipate spaces to fill quickly, so please email if you are interested.


Plans Change.

There's been a shift in plans for a few events and I am also announcing a new event! As these events are starting to happen more frequently, I am also including a list upcoming events. First though, there's a bit of bad news. Icelandic Lamb Knife to Fork has been cancelled, just wasn't able to get enough reservations to make it work in the interactive and dynamic way I had envisioned. There was definitely interest, I will likely attempt something similar down the road. Don't fret, I haven't thrown the lamb out with the bath water. I've visited the farm*, met the lamb, lamb is happening. As the Spring holidays approach, this was intended be a great way to taste delicious local heritage lamb and dream up a few ideas for family meals. I carry that intention into the dinners that will be replacing the workshop. As we are still at the height of citrus season, I will continue to use several varieties of orange, lemon and grapefruit.
*see photo and forthcoming post.

Dates will remain the same, though times are a little different. I'll still be starting from the whole lamb and this is now also a double-decker heritage lamb event!

As expected, Friday night will host the Heritage Breed Supper Club. Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire & Time will be joining me in the kitchen to bring you 5 Middle-Eastern inspired courses. This feast will utilize most of the lamb, including a few dishes featuring the offal!

Monday night will host BCN/PDX Lamb Slabs and Sliders! You guessed it! It is time to reveal the delights of lamb bacon! This is a rich and herbaceous menu that will use the remainder of the lamb. Three flavors of lamb bacon, lots of greens and herbs, lamb sliders!!

More about the menus....and a reminder about this weekend's event!

Friday,March 5th 730pm- Heritage Breed Supper Club: Icelandic Lamb $35/person
*10% off for those who attended the first Heritage Breed Supper Club, email for details.

savory lamb baklava and stuffed dates
pita, labneh & tabouli
tea, 5-spice and Italian plum roasted rack of lamb
cocoa rubbed spareribs glazed with aleppo pepper and orange
dukkah* loin chop with roasted fennel and mint coulis
*dukkah is a mixture of hazelnuts, sesame seeds and many spices ground finely to a paste. delicious.
lamb tangine with candied pumpkin and herb-pistachio rice

Monday, March 8th 7pm- BCN/PDX Icelandic Lamb Slabs and Sliders $30/person

selection of Spanish cheeses and 'Iberia' port, fig, anise seed and smoked pimenton
with Ines Rosales tortas
Lamb bacon over a bed of fresh herbs & greens with Bergamot and tomato bisque
*two flavors*
'Back Cove' pine, juniper, rosemary, lavender and maple
'YaYa's' tapenade, apricot preserves, sage and thyme
lamb sliders- ground leg of lamb & spices, watercress, tomato chutney and local cheeses
with oven herb fries and handmade aioli & cultured ketchup

Guests encouraged to provide personal beverages.
609 SE Ankeny Unit A
Portland, OR 97214

And don't forget this Sunday!

February 28th, 730 pm Bacon for the Sound: Meat Sweets. Only $25!

Only 5 seats left!! BLT flight with flavors inspired by the extraordinary location, a cookie factory!!

2302 Fawcett Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402


Announcing the 3rd Installment of the Bacon Gospel!!

The Ethical Butcher is incredibly excited to announce the first event of the Bacon Gospel: Bacon for the Sound on February 28th! Bacon for the Sound Meat Sweets is a BLT flight inspired by childhood favorites!

After the success of Bacon for Brooklyn and BCN/PDX, I am heading north to spread the good word of bacon. This will be the first of several events in the Seattle/Tacoma area. As a Tacoma native, it is a tremendous pleasure to launch this leg of the Bacon Gospel!

In addition to using local heritage pork, it is important to me that each leg of the Bacon Gospel reflects the culture of each location. In Brooklyn, I found it interesting to focus on the stories and personal inspirations of each person who requested their own flavor. In Portland, it was an honor to spotlight locally made spirits, coffee and tea. Tacoma, a blue collar port city now in the midst of a cultural revival, was the perfect location to open Bacon for the Sound. It also happens to be my hometown! This first event will be held in a very unique location-- a downtown Tacoma cookie factory that is a strong part of that revival. My aunt, owner of both Bite Me! Cookies and Friday's Cookies-- two delicious lines of cookies sold nationwide, has generously offered a great space for this fun night of bacon delights. Having a family member with a cookie factory really is as fortunate as one would imagine.

Of course, a location like this begs for an equally unique theme and I have met that demand with a menu that will speak to your sweet tooth in a whole new way!

All of the recipes for Meat Sweets are inspired by what else, cookies!! Just like BCN/PDX Sip and Swill, this will be a flight of 5 BLT's accompanied by salads and guests are invited to provide their own beverages. Here are the flavors of carnivorous confections to look forward to:

'Pastelitos de Boda' inspired by Mexican Wedding Cookies
ground almonds, vanilla bean, cinnamon and powdered sugar
with blackberry mustard

'Fleur des Bois' inspired by Lavender Sugar Cookies
Lilla Farms lavender, jasmine flowers, New Amsterdam gin, juniper berries
with vanilla-chamomile compound butter

'Old Overholt & Oats' inspired by Oatmeal Cherry Cookies
Clear Creek Distilleries kirschwasser, Old Overholt rye whiskey-soaked Bing cherries, Bergamot zest, white pepper, star anise and rolled oats
with citrus-mint compound butter

'First Snow' inspired by Ginger Snaps
House Spirits Distillery whiskey, triple ginger (ground, fresh and crystallized), orange zest, black pepper, nutmeg, brown sugar and molasses
with Serrano chile & cacao aioli

'Mole!' inspired by Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies
ground Belgian cacao, 77 % dark chocolate, Habenero & Serrano peppers, jalepenos, ground walnuts, ground sesame seeds, grounds pepitas, molasses, allspice, cinnamon, anise seed and garlic
with avocado mayonnaise

plus several fresh and seasonal salads!

$25 per person for flight of 5 BLTs and salads. Guests invited to provide personal beverages.
Sunday, February 28th at 730pm
2302 Fawcett Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402

As always, seating is limited for this private event, so move fast on this one! No seats are sold at the door.

To reserve your space for Bacon for the Sound Meat Sweets head to Paypal by clicking the link below and enter theethicalbutcher@gmail.com


Aphrodisia Dinner with Salt, Fire & Time and The Ethical Butcher Feb. 12th 7pm

Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire & Time and myself have joined forces to bring you this sumptuously sinful night of 5 courses. Bring a date or honor yourself with a little decadence. Northwest shellfish and local lamb from SuDan Farm in Canby, OR featured among bright flavors of citrus and herbs and deep notes of cacao and damson plum. Here's the full menu, I can't wait to reveal the surprise dessert!

Buckley Bay Oysters on the half-shell with a pomegranate-blood orange mignonette

Vanilla Stuffed Dates poached in wine on a bed of roses

Mussels in a saffron cream sauce with coriander, wild mushrooms and watercress

Lavender and Cacao rubbed Rack of Lamb on a celery root-truffle gratin with a damson plum sauce

Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate with a surprise dessert!

609 SE Ankeny St. Unit A
Tickets are $35/person or 2 for $60
Dinner starts at 7pm. This is a decadent experience guaranteed to invigorate the senses and celebrate your palate. Deliciousness.

Make your reservations today by choosing "add to cart":


Sip and Swill Sneak Peek

With one seat left for BCN/PDX Sip and Swill, I figure I'll be nice enough to let everyone in on the flavors we'll be tasting, as most of them are going to be on my regular menu of bacon flavors soon available for sale. First though, I want to give a bit of background on the pork used.

Back in September I wrote a post called 'Meeting Mr. Wilbur Red Wattle'. I wrote about my visit to meet Jim and Wendy Parker and spend time finding out about the Red Wattle pigs that they raise at Heritage Farms Northwest. I had just moved to Portland and was setting to the work of finding sources for my pork. I had reached out to several farms, but Wendy's response stood out. We just hit it off right away through emails. As our discussion of which pigs would be ready when progressed, Wendy invited Ally and I to a family Labor Day pig roast. I jumped at the invitation and it became my definition of the perfect meat eating experience. I recalled the Palauan BBQ's I used to attend with my best friend in high school. There was always the whole pig, there in all its (then unknown to me) glory. I would scoff and fake puke, not conspicuously now, I was raised better than that. However, I did make sure to give my friend the look of death as he reached in and pulled the glistening skin and tender, smoky meat to his plate.

Fast-forward eleven years and there I was, cutting an entire pig at an outdoor table two feet from the hole in which it roasted. A multi-generational set of farmers and family members watched on and served themselves. Thirty yards from the open space where "Einstein" had lived, I had earlier walked around the fields meeting all the animals. I watched a squabble between a rooster and turkey, passed out back scratches to a few sweetly verboting boars, and met "Big Mama" and her brand new litter of piglets. I also met both the pigs Wendy had offered One would later become the suckling pig I used in December for The Heritage Breed Supper Club, the other is the hog we will be eating on Friday night.

As Jim and I stood across from each other cutting chops and hams and jowls, steaming and stuffed with garlic, apples and potatoes, we talked. Present that day were both the very small (as in one cow) dairy farmer who provides whey for the pigs and the farmer that unknowingly made my life that day. I am bad with names, can't remember it for the life of me, but this farmer had just asked Jim and Wendy to borrow their hogs for help with a little problem. Seems the grade at his hazelnut orchard is too uneven in a 3-acre area for his equipment to efficiently harvest, the pigs would be needed for about three months to clear the ground. Good news is: pigs LOVE nuts! Win!

As Jim relayed this most recent sign of his hero status, "hazelnut-finished bacon" flashed in my head and my mouth watered. In case you aren't in the know, "finished" refers to how the animal is fed in the final weeks or months before slaughter. Nuts are just the sort of thing that make a pig perfect for the charcutier. The fats in the nuts add flavor dimension and a luxurious, velvety quality to the cured meat. The treasured hams prosciutto and pate negra are from pigs finished on acorns, so one can only imagine what a pig finished on the much richer hazelnut would taste like. Later in the fall, off "Wilbur" went, to hang out with a couple of his litter mates and a few acres of Willamette Valley filberts.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Wendy that Wilbur would be going to slaughter the following week. Immediately I began hatching a plan for the best way to showcase this rare find. I had been thinking for a while about doing flavors that feature local products. Thus my friends, the BCN/PDX Sip and Swill, the first official event of The Bacon Gospel here in Portland. I am using coffee from Extracto Coffeehouse and Roasters, Tao of Tea, House Spirits Distillery and Clear Creek Distillery to make five different flavors of bacon. I bartered with the Brady's of Extracto for a slab of their own bacon and their kids named one of the flavors made from their coffee. Matt Mount of House Spirits was open, personable and gave me a lot of great information about the whiskey he provided. I am already thinking I want to do a Sip and Swill using all House Spirits!

As I mentioned in the original post, there will be a contest to name one of the bacon flavors. 'Untitled' is that flavor, so if you are coming, start thinking of names now! Consensus will decide the best name suggested Friday night and one person will leave their mark on BCN/PDX forever!

BCN/PDX Sip and Swill:

This flight of BLT's is an exciting way to reveal just a few of the flavors I have up my sleeve and taste bacon pushed into hyper-drive. Each flavor of bacon will be served as a simple BLT with its own special topping and watercress. A couple of salads will be served as well to keep palates open and fresh. Each sandwich will be served on different bread, but that will depend on what's available on Friday when I shop. The flavor and its main ingredients are in bold, toppings are in italics below.

'Untitled'-Tao of Tea licorice root tea, honey, white pepper
with vanilla bean and white pepper compound butter

'Backyard Memories' New Amsterdam gin, raspberry jam, fresh sage, Lilla Farm lavender
with sage aioli

'Cheap Date' House Spirits Distillery whiskey, triple ginger (fresh, ground & crystallized), Serrano chiles, lime
with avocado mayo

'Colonel Mustard with the Clove' Extracto Roasters Ethiopian Sidamo coffee, cherry jam, mustard seed, cloves
with cherry mustard

'Finca Vista Hermosa' Guatemalan Micro-lot Micheloy coffee,cacao, vanilla bean, guajillo chiles, cinnamon
with chili orange and cilantro compound butter

Arugula tossed with shaved fennel and apple with a Cara Cara orange, cumin & House Spirits Distillery Whiskey vinaigrette

Mixed greens, radicchio, baby bok choy and Rogue Creamery Crater Lake blue cheese with a carmelized shallot & champagne vinaigrette and chili roasted almonds.

There is still ONE more seat left for this tasting. I know that most of my readers won't be able to come. I do want to do these bacon tastings using local ingredients more often, so if you know beekeepers, jam or mustard makers, make craft infusions or anything you think I might be tempted to make bacon with, please send me a note! Seattle, Bay Area, LA, Toronto and Cincinnati, your turn is coming! I am still looking to get a few more cities on the list for The Bacon Gospel this year. Email me with proposals or questions.

I'll be announcing the next Heritage Breed Supper Club this weekend, right after Sip and Swill. This Supper Club will be very different from the first. It will be more interactive, with a smaller group and tons of hands-on time and might have something to do with Easter and Passover, those are my hints. Details soon!

And finally, next Friday, the 12th Tressa and I will be preparing a gorgeous 4-course meal to woo you just before Valentine's Day. Details about that will be posted soon as well.


Vegans Love The Ethical Butcher!

Well, not exactly, but this article is by far the most insightful representation of my philosophy thus far. I actually did this interview before leaving New York City last Spring, so I am elated to finally see it. I can't help but think the fact that the writer is vegan had something to do with the quality of this article. My message stirs one of two reactions from vegans : accolades and appreciation or disgust and a general soapboxiness.

Here's the piece:

Don't forget, there are still 2 spots left at this Friday's BCN/PDX Sip and Swill! See below post for info.