Announcing the 3rd Installment of the Bacon Gospel!!

The Ethical Butcher is incredibly excited to announce the first event of the Bacon Gospel: Bacon for the Sound on February 28th! Bacon for the Sound Meat Sweets is a BLT flight inspired by childhood favorites!

After the success of Bacon for Brooklyn and BCN/PDX, I am heading north to spread the good word of bacon. This will be the first of several events in the Seattle/Tacoma area. As a Tacoma native, it is a tremendous pleasure to launch this leg of the Bacon Gospel!

In addition to using local heritage pork, it is important to me that each leg of the Bacon Gospel reflects the culture of each location. In Brooklyn, I found it interesting to focus on the stories and personal inspirations of each person who requested their own flavor. In Portland, it was an honor to spotlight locally made spirits, coffee and tea. Tacoma, a blue collar port city now in the midst of a cultural revival, was the perfect location to open Bacon for the Sound. It also happens to be my hometown! This first event will be held in a very unique location-- a downtown Tacoma cookie factory that is a strong part of that revival. My aunt, owner of both Bite Me! Cookies and Friday's Cookies-- two delicious lines of cookies sold nationwide, has generously offered a great space for this fun night of bacon delights. Having a family member with a cookie factory really is as fortunate as one would imagine.

Of course, a location like this begs for an equally unique theme and I have met that demand with a menu that will speak to your sweet tooth in a whole new way!

All of the recipes for Meat Sweets are inspired by what else, cookies!! Just like BCN/PDX Sip and Swill, this will be a flight of 5 BLT's accompanied by salads and guests are invited to provide their own beverages. Here are the flavors of carnivorous confections to look forward to:

'Pastelitos de Boda' inspired by Mexican Wedding Cookies
ground almonds, vanilla bean, cinnamon and powdered sugar
with blackberry mustard

'Fleur des Bois' inspired by Lavender Sugar Cookies
Lilla Farms lavender, jasmine flowers, New Amsterdam gin, juniper berries
with vanilla-chamomile compound butter

'Old Overholt & Oats' inspired by Oatmeal Cherry Cookies
Clear Creek Distilleries kirschwasser, Old Overholt rye whiskey-soaked Bing cherries, Bergamot zest, white pepper, star anise and rolled oats
with citrus-mint compound butter

'First Snow' inspired by Ginger Snaps
House Spirits Distillery whiskey, triple ginger (ground, fresh and crystallized), orange zest, black pepper, nutmeg, brown sugar and molasses
with Serrano chile & cacao aioli

'Mole!' inspired by Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies
ground Belgian cacao, 77 % dark chocolate, Habenero & Serrano peppers, jalepenos, ground walnuts, ground sesame seeds, grounds pepitas, molasses, allspice, cinnamon, anise seed and garlic
with avocado mayonnaise

plus several fresh and seasonal salads!

$25 per person for flight of 5 BLTs and salads. Guests invited to provide personal beverages.
Sunday, February 28th at 730pm
2302 Fawcett Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402

As always, seating is limited for this private event, so move fast on this one! No seats are sold at the door.

To reserve your space for Bacon for the Sound Meat Sweets head to Paypal by clicking the link below and enter theethicalbutcher@gmail.com


  1. Holy god of pork fat, this sounds amazing. Wish I wasn't about 2,500 miles away.

  2. Where do you live, Eric? The Bacon Gospel is a travelling project. Chances are that I'll be nearby some time soon.