The Good News is....

My proverbial best laid plans went horribly awry. Yesterday, I was turned away from the grand country of Canada as I attempted to enter as planned for my upcoming events. I am still reeling from this gargantuan wrench in my spokes and will write more about it after the dust settles a bit. For now, here's more info on the Brooklyn event.

Heritage Breed Supper Club, Brooklyn

Sunday, October 24th at 630 pm
Collect Pond 338 Berry St.
$35/person, $60/two. Three courses and one craft cocktail included in price.

The menu will be revealed the night of the event, but I'll tell you I am using some lovely ducks from Quattro Game Farms. Located just up in Pleasant Valley, this farm is regarded by many as the best source for local game birds. I am so excited to whop out this menu, if you have tickets already, you won't be sorry. There are still seats available, reserve today!!

Also, I will likely announce a series of Curing The Ethical Butcher Way, my bacon making class. Check back for details!


  1. Uh Oh... that night in (insert city here )when you, 45 rugby players, 2 circus clowns, and 4 gallons of lime jello finally caught up with you?

    Don't sweat it.. we've all been stopped at the border ( how the heck they found about a public nudity charge from mardi gras 1998 is beyond me )


  2. Hahaha, nope, it wasn't the crazy night, they Googled me, found the blog and some articles that mentioned the dinners in Canada. They said I needed a work visa and denied me entry. Next time...