The Bacon Gospel : Bacon for Brooklyn

The last several weeks I have begun work on a huge on-going project, The Bacon Gospel. The first installment--"Bacon for Brooklyn"--is currently underway. In this project, I am traveling to different cities, custom-curing bacon to order for a limited amount of people, using only heritage pork, local when possible. This project has become much more than I ever expected. In giving folks the option to request flavors, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with 13 people on 10 new flavors of bacon! I have also been asked to teach a restaurant staff how to make house-cured bacon.

One thing I really hadn't anticipated was the connection that people would have to both the individual ingredients as well as overall flavors. What did the two people from Massachusetts request? Maple. Maple and nothing else, naturally. My West Indian roommate? Jerk. My food writer friend wanted seasonal fruit and herbs. One person even gave me several personally-sourced items such as ground cacao from his family's plantation in Trinidad and nutmeg from Grenada. As I begin to traverse the continent, I look forward to writing and curing at least 100 flavors of bacon! Traveling from Brooklyn to Seattle and Montreal to Austin, I don't believe that number is the least bit unrealistic. I am looking at continuing this project indefinitely, so if you'd like The Ethical Butcher to come to a city near you, don't hesitate to contact me!

To get your mouth watering and palate scheming, here are the flavors from The Bacon Gospel: Bacon for Brooklyn--

*Mole Poblano
*Pineapple-Black Pepper-Clove

Check back next week for photos and notes!


  1. Can't wait to taste the mole poblano bacon! Very interested to hear about the ingredients you used for it. Good luck on your travels, I had no idea about the scope of ambition in this project, but I have many bacon-loving friends and you can be sure I will spread the gospel!

  2. Just tasted mole poblano and whiskey-molasses-poblano this morning. I am struck by the differences between the two. They are both so good. The mole poblano turned had such deep earthy aromas as it sizzled in the pan, and its flavors reminded me of a chinese roast duck dish. I'm wondering how much overlap there is in the ingredients. Please send me the ingredients for the mole poblano, because Aman lost the card! Whiskey-chipotle is also delicious, a little more traditional, and sliced so thin. Reminds me of pancetta. The heritage pork is so different from the usual bacon I buy, very impressive in how clean and natural the smells and tastes are, which shines through in both slabs.