The Ethical Butcher still wants you!


With the deadline fast approaching, I wanted to re-post this call. I have had several responses, but would love to hear from even more of you! If these guidelines apply to you or anyone you know, please don't hesitate to send me a submission. Ex-veggies are changing the meat scene for the better and we have a unique and very important story to tell!

I am interested in getting a wide range of opinions and experiences, so there are only a few guidelines:

* 500-2500 words
* You must have been vegetarian or vegan for at least 3 years. (Sorry, pesca-vegetarian doesn't count.)
* Send entries to theethicalbutcher@gmail.com; deadline is Sept 1st, 2009.


* When and why did you become vegetarian/vegan? To piss off your parents? Impress a girl? Were you given a PETA pamphlet at a hardcore show?
* When and why did you start eating meat?
What is your relationship to the animals you eat?
How has this change in diet affected your lifestyle? After years of getting stuck with iceberg lettuce "salad" at restaurants while your omnivore friends ate happily beside you, after enduring those times when even the fries weren't safe (and not to mention the time spent exhaustively searching ingredient lists for whey protein and casein)…how have things changed for you since you made the decision to eat meat? how has this change in diet affected your lifestyle?
* Where do you live? How has your location affected your meat consumption?

Your favorite meat-centered recipe?

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