Photographic Documentations of Libation and Degustation

I am horribly slow at posting photos and rarely have the forethought to have each of my events photographed. Here's are some images from the last few events, the launch of BCN/PDX Fridays and our first event at the new space. Lots of tasty meaty goodness is the theme here.

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  1. I like your blog and your philosophy. I haven't moved over to vegetarianism yet and probably never will. Eating meat doesn't have to be "an evil". Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just found your blog.. and am going to be watching you to see what kind of cool stuff you're making ( and stopping by next lazy friday, as my office is only a few blocks away ).

    I haven't bought store bacon in over 18 months, since I learned to make my own..

    Just one Q.. if you're not smoking the bacon.. isn't it really pancetta?

    (ps.. the backyard at your new place looks great )

  3. Great question!
    Nope, bacon is bacon whether it is smoked or roasted after curing. The difference with pancetta is that it does not undergo any cooking before slicing. Pancetta and bacon start the same way, as a cured piece of pork belly. Where bacon is then roasted or smoked before being sliced and later cooked for a second time, pancetta is rolled after the curing and left in its uncooked, cured state until ready to use.

    I am actually thinking about experimenting with pancetta and guanciale as well as uncured hams...we'll see what this summer brings.

    Happy curing!