No Boat.

That's me. A blogger with no computer, like a sailor with no boat. I'm coming up on month two of no computer, deep in summer travel and trying to make the best use of the tiny windows of time I am graced with by people who own working computers. (Thanks, Tia.)

Buuutt..the fantastic thing is that my work doesn't start or stop at this blog. This is just the bulletin board, folks. While mouthwatering photos and menus haven't been appearing in recent posts, they've still been appearing on tables in SF, Seattle, Olympia and Portland. The past weeks have been full of Summer Beats and Bacon fun and Farm & Table dinners up and down the west coast. I've also taken up hunting while enjoying my California summer, in preparation for a big wild boar hunt in October, just before the Good Food Awards!

Oh, and The Ethical Butcher will officially be based out of Brooklyn, NY as of September. I'm deep in transnational relocation world, for the 3rd time, and loving it. I can't wait to unleash a whole new set of dreams and plans on that concrete jungle! Yep, I'm busy..when I'm back in Internetland with a cyber-seafaring vehicle (new laptop), I'll fill in all the blanks in salivating detail.

In the meantime, folks in the SF Bay Area: I've added yet another set of dates to the Bay Farm & Table Project!!! Email for info on booking your own private feast cooked by yours truly!

Available dates are: August 5 & 7-11!!

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