I hadn't realized how long it has been since I've posted. Here's where I've been over the past oh, 2 years or so. It is all about my travels as well as reflections on my experiences, the kids are calling it a food memoir and it comes out in just a few weeks on Soft Skull. It'll be in stores all over N America and is already available on Amazon and other sites for pre-sales. This next sentence deserves the caps yelling I'm about to employ. PLEASE, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND REAL, AND FOR ALL THE LITTLE BABIES AND OLD LADIES AND FLOWERS AND TREES AND PRETTY ANIMALS IN THE WORLD: 


I don't care if that upsets distributors or slows down sales, it makes my skin crawl to even think of a penny being made by those companies on MY work. Conversely, I encourage anyone interested in buying a copy to do so through INDEPENDENT book stores. Please ask your local library to carry it too! New books aren't in everyone's budget. It will also be out on Audible for those inclined to hearing yours truly narrate this food memoir. 

As long as I've been writing this book, I've long been working on other food-related projects that aren't meat-focused and just haven't the time to keep up with several forms of social media. As I close the family of Ethical Butcher projects with this upcoming book release, this is my last post on this blog. I will leave it up as an archive, but will no longer update. For up-to-date info, please follow me at  http://chefberlinreed.tumblr.com/, where I am cultivating a much more holistically representative site that allows me to post all kinds of food related media. I am preparing for a short & sweet book tour that will hit Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, NYC and Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal between mid-April and late-May. I am also planning to finally do a decent Southern tour starting in NOLA in late June!!! Def hit up my new site for dates soon!

It has now been just over 4 years since I started this blog, and it took me places I could have never dreamed of. It's a new world, a new era. So friends, old and new, if you have found yourself at this page looking to meet me or find out what I'm up to, hop over to the new site (link above). 
My book will fill you in on the rest. 

Thanks for reading The Ethical Butcher, 

Berlin Reed


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