Breakfast: Pizza and Waffles

Ortine 622 Washington Ave.

Like many groups of urban twenty-somethings, my friends and I make it a point to meet up for brunch almost every weekend. Having 6-10 hungry, hungover eaters from different Brooklyn nabes agree on a location is never an easy feat. Ortine was a frontrunner for a few Sundays in a row, and I think I'll be pushing for it this weekend.

Run by Sarah Peck and husband Steve Guidi, Ortine is a small and intimate restaurant that describes it's cuisine as "eclectic". Indeed, one could order shakshuka and fluffy waffles with homemade granola, if that's what gets you going. The Brunch menu is simple, but everything on it full of homey deliciousness. Many of the herbs come from Sarah Peck's garden, everything else (including the meat and eggs) is delivered by Farm to Chef. Farm to Chef is an invaluable organization, bringing quality produce, meat and eggs from upstate farms to New York restaurants. The little breakfast sausage links from Argyle Farms are scrumptious and any dish featuring the velvety-rich, NY farm-fresh eggs is definitely worth trying. The breakfast pizza with its buttery crust, goat cheese, eggs and pancetta is quickly gaining a reputation. It's no wonder we all end up fighting for the last piece every time.

Ortine is open during the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they do an old-fashioned Sunday dinner, too.

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