You're invited to dinner with the Heritage Breed Supper Club!

I am incredibly excited to announce an event I've been working on for months has finally been confirmed! The first Heritage Breed Supper Club will meet on the evening of December 21st. I will be preparing and hosting a dinner and discussion, focusing on the Red Wattle pig. The Cleaners at Ace Hotel Portland has graciously donated their space, and I am grateful beyond words. I will be using a suckling pig from Heritage Farms Northwest, the farm I visited back in September(see earlier post). Jim and Wendy Parker plan to attend and will be sharing their experience as the only farmers in the state raising this rare breed of pig. With their population numbered in the hundreds worldwide, this is not a breed you will see in your grocery store or even the best restaurants for years to come. The meat of the Red Wattle is prized for its lean, meaty flavor and this will be a chance to taste the compelling argument for bringing heritage breeds back from the brink of extinction. I will be butchering the pig and preparing the entire menu with the help of a few volunteers. A short film documenting this process will be presented at the beginning of the event. This is a very special and unique opportunity that will have VERY limited seating. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to request an invite. Invitations are $45 per person and will sell out quickly. There is a secure paypal link below to request an invite to this private event. Once payment is received, you will receive an email notification with a numbered invitation. You may print this out and bring it with you to the event, but I will also have a list with each attendant's name, so it is not necessary. The menu is a mouthwatering secret until that night, but will include appetizers, a main course with sides and dessert.
I will say that those who attend will get to taste that bacon I've been talking about...

I have been overwhelmed and encouraged with the positive responses I have gotten to this blog, my bacon project and my general philosophy toward food and specifically meat. This will be the first in a series of dinners spotlighting local heritage breeds and the farmers who raise them. I hope that all who are able will attend so that I may meet some of you!
Check out The Cleaners http://acehotel.com/portland/events/cleaners and super awesomely swank Ace Hotel http://acehotel.com/portland for information about the space or to book a nice stay-cation after your feast!


  1. oh man do I wish I could be there.

  2. oh my good lord this is a dream come true. i am going to buy my ticket when i get home!

  3. Hey Berlin.

    Awesome post.. Dare I point out that in your picture advertising your event "your" pig is shown? or is that to personal for your readers? Just in case, I won't say which pig it is.. But.. if you all want to know, holler and I'll point it out for you..

    Wendy Parker
    (The Red Wattle Farmer's Wife)

  4. That's so funny, Wendy! When I was making the flyer a friend asked if one of the pigs was to be the pig of honor that night...

  5. Thanks Wendy!
    Yeah, I guessed from the size that these were at least the litter mates of our special pig! I don't know how personal people want to get with their dinner, but personally I feel it is an honor to know exactly where this delicious meat is coming from. The days of meat eaters pretending their dinner never had a face are numbered! So shall I send you four invitations?

  6. We did get our invitations from Ali.. THANKS!!!! everyone is looking forward to the evening and especially the food!!!!

    We are going to try to get one of the hazelnut hogs in next week at the same time we take your pig. We have high hopes and expectations for our first Hazelnut Finished Pork.