Bye Bye Brooklyn

As a farewell to this jungle of streets we call New York City, I will be presenting a four-course Prix Fixe dinner at Ortine in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. After the supreme decadence achieved using Quattro's Game Farm Duck at the Heritage Breed Supper Club, Brooklyn, I am going for them again. On the phone today, in the kind of New York accent that makes my New York-by-Northwest heart melt, Mrs. Quattro warned me that these were "fat suckers". I laughed as I explained that I knew just how to use that fat, not to worry.

I have admired Ortine since I lived here before, check out one of my very first blog posts, a review of Ortine, here:

Ortine is a beautiful, cozy spot that makes me feel like I've stepped into a cafe in a college-y woodsy/mountain town you'd find in New England or the Northwest. Chef Sara Peck has the same commitment to local sourcing and traditional foods and preparations that I look for in all of the chefs I work with. We spent a good 5 minutes yesterday discussing her technique for the most divine, silky smooth eggs that are baked onto the breakfast pizzas served at brunch. In culinary terms, the timing is near impossible to master. I still bow to her skill and am so very excited to put out this menu with her. This is a completely perfect way to end this trip that has been so full of triumph and tumult.

The Ethical Butcher 4-Course Prix Fixe at Ortine, Nov 10th
$35/person. Dinner Hours are 5-10 pm
NO reservations required, however RSVP is strongly encouraged.
RSVP and info: theethicalbutcher@gmail.com

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