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BCN/PDX Winter Slabs and Slices is your ticket to having your very own supply of specialty-cured local bacon for all of your holiday meals. The flavors on offer range from sweet to savory and all of your winter favorites are on full display! Choose your slab from a list of five flavors and start dreaming of all the things you can do with your slices of heaven.

Each slab of bacon begins as a 2.5 lb slab of fresh local pork belly and gets cured in any number of ingredients ranging from rum and chocolate to ginger root and orange slices. At just $30/slab, orders for BCN/PDX Winter Slabs and Slices can be placed until December 1st. Slabs will be ready for use in your most prized recipes on Friday, December 10th and each flavor will come with a few recipes to show off its glowing flavor profile.

Here are the flavor choices. Slabs that are perfect for everything from candied bacon for desserts and thick slices for Christmas breakfast, to slices that will take your hearty stews and barded roasts to another level. Place your order by December 1st! Gift certificates available!

BCN/PDX Winter Slabs and Slices flavor choices:

*Three Seas*
Dark Chocolate, Cherry Preserves and Guajillo Chiles.

Deep, dark and dense.

*Tea and Cake*
Candied Spiced Orange & Lemon Preserves, Jasmine & Chamomile Teas

Light and floral with a bit of kick from cinnamon and cloves.

Pine, Juniper Berries, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Maple Syrup & Scotch Whiskey

Full of winter warmth and woodsy aromas.

*First Snow*
House Spirits Distillery Whiskey, Triple Ginger (ground, fresh and crystallized), Orange Zest, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar and Molasses

Imagine a gingerbread house made out of bacon and you'll be close to the perfection of this
combination of holiday classics.

*Christmas in Florida*
Vodka, Grapefruit, Juniper Berries, Cloves, Tarragon

Bright and cheery with a clean sharpness.

Place orders for BCN/PDX Winter Slabs and Slices until December 1st!
Just $30/slab!! Gift Certificates available!

Place your order and get more info at: theethicalbutcher@gmail.com today!

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