I am back in the borough I love the best, Brooklyn!! Working on those big projects I've been teasing for the past few months and finally ready to release a couple of them, tomorrow.
Just a little more waiting, folks. Tomorrow is a special day for a few reasons...

It's hump day, and everybody loves that. Wednesdays are the hilltop from which we get our first glimpse of the weekend. What better day to launch a whole new project? Come on back tomorrow, February 2nd for some monumentally exciting announcements!

While launching one new project, I'll also be closing a current one. Bacon for Brooklyn II: Slabs & Slabs of Love has been running for the last few weeks and the deadline for orders has been extended until tomorrow. My beloved New Yorkers, you are certainly a crew of stragglers! I find that people in big cities like here and SF don't like to commit until the very last minute. My dinner here back in October sold out in the two days prior to the event, despite being advertised for months. It's a funny little quirk of city dwellers, I guess. Plenty of bacon lovers jumped on the train as soon as the project started, but just as I was ready to wrap up this leg of The Bacon Gospel, more orders started pouring in! I love sharing this bacon with people. Between the quality of the meat, my unique curing methods and the fact that I don't sell this handmade bacon retail or wholesale EVER, it truly is something that you'll never find anywhere else. So, Big Apple, you've until tomorrow to place your orders for the Big Bacon.

Check out the flavors below and then email for order info.

Bacon For Brooklyn II: Slabs and Slabs of Love

Box of Chocolates

Raw Cocoa Nibs, Dark Chocolate and Amaretto with a Coconut-Almond Crust

If life is anything like this, we’re already in heaven! A deep and densely flavored slab gets the addition of Amaretto to create a gorgeously caramelized crust of shredded coconut and ground almonds!

Cinnamon Hearts

Cinnamon, Licorice root, Clove, Nutmeg and Purple Sage and Brown Sugar

Full of wintry spices, this flavor is nice and easy on the palate for those not ready to take the leap into a committed love affair with the more complex flavors. Take heart friends, the purple sage brings a special herbaceous note while the brown sugar keeps it all together.

Champagne & Roses

Rose Hips, Roses, Lavender, Juniper Berries, St.Germain and Champagne

Roses, lavender, juniper and the elderberry flower liqueur, St. Germain combine with a bit of bubbly for a slab that defies expectations by landing as far away from the usual dark and smoky flavor of most bacon. Light in flavor, this one is all about the floral aromas! This year, why not buy a dozen roses in the form of meaty goodness?

Whiskey Tears

Bourbon Whiskey, Crystallized Ginger and Vanilla-candied Blood Oranges

A glaze of ginger and blood oranges is rounded out by sweet, sweet bourbon whiskey may bring you to tears, but there will be no cryin’ around here! Not when you’ve got this slab of big, warm flavors to keep you company!

I'll Love You Until My Veins Explode

Guajillo, Pasilla, Ancho, Habanero and Scotch Bonnet Chiles, Cherry Preserves and Espresso

In honor of one of my favorite love songs, this baby is going to love you just as hard as it can with 5, count them 5, different peppers ready to hit you where it hurts. Not to worry, Counter Culture espresso and cherry preserves will soften the blow and keep you coming back for more.

Order your slab today! $30/slab or try all five flavors for $100!!!
Contact theethicalbutcher@gmail.com for order info.

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