Fear Not, Friends!

Wow, a few readers got really worried there with that last post! I just want to do some clarification, and also fill you in on the fun that's happening while I am here in Brooklyn.

First off, I am not ending The Ethical Butcher! That would be crazy!! I am so very thrilled to be representing this entire movement, rather than just my solo work and was attempting to sort of point folks to my new blog. I am still doing the same work and will continue to grow The Ethical Butcher. As I've been saying, there are several irons in the fire right now, this new blog is only the first of many new ventures this year.

I've got new events planned and am narrowing down locations for this season of farm-to-table dinners. LA is a definite, returning to Cincinatti/Covington is also on my agenda. I'll be speaking at conferences in North Carolina and Ohio this spring and have a big trip to Alaska planned for August. I've been invited by a group of folks in the salmon fishery in there Sitka and I'll be touring the seafood co-op, dayfishing and learning about seafood sustainability in much the same way I approached learning about meat sustainability: by going to the source. As you can imagine, it's a little more difficult to head out to the ocean to check on living conditions than it is to drive out to a farm. This is the opportunity I've been waiting for! I would love to hit some new cities this year, so if you have a space to host a dinner or a farm that you'd like me to highlight by doing an event, contact me for info about bringing an installment of the Heritage Breed Supper Club to a dining room near you!

Orders for Bacon for Brooklyn II: Slabs & Slabs of Love came rushing in over the past week! This is by far the biggest cure I've done to date, 40 slabs of beautimous bacon in 5 delectable flavors will be filling the larders of kitchens all over NYC on Valentine's Day! I am heading out in a just a bit to start the fun part: shopping for ingredients! Sourcing in NYC is always an adventure and takes me all over the borough. I'll be heading down to Coney Island, one of my favorite winter spots in the city, and hitting several neighborhoods for special ingredients like scotch bonnets, roses and single-origin coffee. The range of cuisines and ethnic makeup of each neighborhood makes food shopping in NY one of the best ways to spend a day, in my opinion.

It's been a while since I've teased your tastebuds with pictures of my bacon, by many accounts, it's the best bacon around! So, feast your eyes, my friends.

The Feather Boa-Cured in coffee, ground almonds and powdered sugar, then bathed in Frangelico and Brandy while roasting. The crust on this one is INSANE. Talk about meat candy!

Sweet Beets-The wonderfully savory flavor is cured in beets, fresh dill, caraway and caramelized onions. On a burger? To. Die. For.

The Sweet Beets before roasting, I had hoped the color would hold through the curing/roasting process, but only the onions held the color. A pile of hot pink slabs was quite the sight to behold!

I'm really excited about the new flavors I've brought out for Bacon For Brooklyn II and will be posting photos of those slabs next week. Chiles, candied oranges, roses and more, these are going to be gorgeous!

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