New Moves!

A new cyberworld address, a new job title and new projects!

I recently took on a position: Digital Meat & Media Head of The Butcher’s Guild. I have created the official blog of this new by butchers for butchers organization that is launching this month and the blog is up and running as of today! I have been wading through this meaty world now for nearly 3 post-vegetarian years and have learned enough to know the path to mastery is long and winding. For me, on my usually solo sojourns, that road can also be isolating. Linking up with Tia Harrison of Avedano's and Primal Cuts author, Marissa Guggiana on the development of The Butcher's Guild has been an incredibly inspiring journey. I have had nothing but admiration and respect for these two ladies since meeting them last year and have described both of them as my heroes more than once or twice. I can't think of two butchers I'd rather walk that path with and it is an honor to move with them to this next plateau in the progression of the sustainable meat movement.

My website is being updated to allow folks to easily find any my events, dinners and lectures listed there. I will be posting 3-4 days a week on the new blog about everything from the heavy food politics to meat tattoos and features that showcase farms, butchers and others doing amazing work in this movement. The Ethical Butcher blog will remain in full effect, but much of the post content will reflect what I am doing with the guild and updates on The Ethical Butcher projects. I thank all of the people who have kept up with me over these two years, let’s keep moving on together! Head over to The Butcher’s Guild Bulletin, read my first post and become a follower today! You can also find me every Thursday at OP, blogging about everything BUT food for the next few months...and keep an ear out for yet a few more big announcements. I'm a busy man.

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