Big Weekend #1

Well, the first packed weekend of The Northwest Farm & Table Project went just perfectly!
I had such a great time both nights and have even received a few messages about pork belly dreams and newly discovered creme brulee obsessions! I've got several more dinners to write menus for and am really excited to roll out some more local love, EB-style.

Nearly all of the ingredients for both dinners were found at the Portland Farmer's Market. I am having so much fun with spring produce, my culinary mind has been on overdrive with creating so many dinners. I'll be back at the market early Saturday morning in preparation for another round of dinners. Enjoy the food porn!

Not burning my fingers with the blowtorch.

Searing strawberries.

The Northwest Farm & Table Project Dinner #2
Farmer's Market Dinner

1st course-
Trio of Crostini with Olives-
*French Breakfast Radishes, Mint and Pickled Garlic with Lemon Butter-on sourdough baguette
*Rhubarb & Port-glazed Petit Sele, Mizuna and Whole Grain Mustard-on fennel flatbread
*Balsamic Figs with Nettles, Green Garlic Fromage Blanc-on German sourdough rye

2nd course-
Pear, Lavender & Cocoa Nib-crusted Pork Chops with Bulleit Pear Sauce
served with
Fava Greens, Rapini and Caramelized Shallots, Cream-braised Sunchokes and Baby Leeks

3rd course-
Burnt Lime and Scotch Creme Brulee

The Northwest Farm & Table Project Dinner #3
Mediterranean Grill

1st course-
Mediterranean Miang Kham-
Fennel-toasted Filberts
Lemon with Basil and Mint
Red Cippolinis
Black Pepper-glazed Strawberries
Fried Shallots
Roasted Garlic
Cherry Bomb Peppers
wrapped in Escarole and topped with sauce made of all ingredients

Amuse Bouche-
Horseradish Green Garlic & White Fig Grilled Pork Loin and Grilled Fiddleheads
with Basil-Balsamic Popcorn

2nd course-
Anjilanaka Coffee & Port-braised and Grilled Pork Belly
served with
Grilled Yukons with Cumin Whipped Cream and Dueling Beets
(Roasted Gold Beets, Mizuna, Pickled Garlic and Chive &
Shredded Red Beets, Blood Orange, Radish and Pea Shoots )

3rd course-
Lime Sheep's Milk Panna Cotta with Hibiscus-Lime Sauce on Cocoa Shortbread Crumbs

The Northwest Farm & Table Project is now totally booked!
There are no more dates available, but there are 7 more dinners yet to come! Each menu and photos will be posted soon after each one, so keep posted.

New Yorkers, get ready, I'll be announcing dates for a NYC Farm & Table Project very soon!

All photos by Alison Picard

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