A Tease and The NYC Farm & Table Project

Last night, I finished the last of this first run of dinners for The Northwest Farm & Table Project. Every single one of the nine dinners I prepared went better than I could have even imagined! This past week was a blur of six dinners that culminated in a big feast of 12 friends late last night. Today, I woke early this morning to help Tressa and her crew at Salt, Fire & Time butcher a pig and lamb for a wedding. Now, as I pack for my flight to NYC in preparation for The NYC Farm & Table Project, I couldn't resist throwing out a few snippets of the delectable raucous I caused this weekend among the three dinners and one brunch I whipped up.

"BLT" Steak* and Grilled Garnet Yams with Cumin-Maple Glaze and Cocoa Whipped Cream

*3/4 inch grilled steak of The Dream bacon (cocoa nibs, lime, amaretto, cardamom, vanilla bean)
layered with:
Siberian kale with lime, black pepper-seared strawberries, avocado relish and mustard raba

Rose-Cardamom Goat's Milk Panna Cotta with Lemon Balsamic Reduction

A few hints at the madness not yet posted:

Smoky Stout Carnitas
Rosewater & Fig Pork Ribs
Amaretto and Horseradish-crusted Pork Belly with Fig Pate de Fruits
Coconut & Cocoa Nib-braised Red Streak Mustard Greens
Grilled Garlic Scapes
Spring Walla Walla, Nettle and Chinese Cilantro Fritatta
Turkish Affogato
Tequila Burnt Lime Creme Brulee
Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

I have to resist the urge to work on a post with all the menus right now (I have a flight to catch!), but these photos and menu items should keep you mouthwatering until I land in the Big Apple, ready to bring the magic to my favorite city. I will most assuredly unleash the rest of the insanity of the last week and more photos and menus to titillate folks to take part in the next run of the project. I am working on a large post about the project as a whole and in thanks to all of the farms, bakeries, picklers and others whose products I have used in this series of dinners.

As the previous post announces, The NYC Farm & Table Project is now on and booking dinners between Sunday, May 29th and Sunday, June 5th.

New Yorkers, if you think you want one, reserve today! Dates are filling up and all consultations are happening this week. Check previous post or contact theethicalbutcher@gmail.com for details!

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