Big Weekend #2

I am preparing for dinners #6-9 today, coming off another packed weekend of dinners for The Northwest Farm & Table Project. I have to admit, I am having an obscene amount of fun with these menus and market trips! Sadly, the food porn quotient in this post isn't nearly as high as the last post. I run a solo show here and am lucky enough to be dating a skilled and professional photographer who often comes along on trips and events to document the action. Regrettably, when she can't make it to a dinner, it's almost impossible for me to get shots that do these plates justice. I've only this one below to get your tummy grumbling. There are still four more dinners and lots more photos to come. If that last post was food porn, think of this one as food erotica.

Candied Bacon Popcorn and Rose Petal Chips with Lemon Saffron Sorbet and Dark Chocolate
Photo: Alison Picard

The Northwest Farm & Table Project Dinner #4
Pimm's Cup for Four

1st course-
Miang Kham-
Toasted Cashews and Coconut
Serrano Chiles
Fried Shallots and Garlic
Lime and Lemon tossed in Basil, Mint and Chinese Cilantro
Fresh Galangal
Fresh Spring Red Onion
Black Pepper-seared Strawberries
wrapped in Escarole and topped with Miang Kham Sauce made of all listed ingredients

2nd course-
Pimm's Pork Three Ways-
*Pimm's-Citrus Baby Back Ribs with Green Garlic Nettles
*Horseradish-Apricot Pork Chops over Fava & Rapini
*Oven-candied Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Coffee-Port Bacon and Cumin Whipped Cream

3rd course-
Cheese Course-
Abbeye de Belloc, Appenzeller Extra, Valdeon, Toasted Fennel & Grapefruit Goat's Milk Panna Cotta over crushed Ines Rosales Tortas
Tequila-Blood Orange Puree, Balsamic Glazed Almonds and
Crostini of Dark Chocolate Rolls, Gibassier and Sweet Baguette

The Northwest Farm & Table Project Dinner #5
Thai-inspired Seafood

1st course-
Mussels with White Wine, Green Garlic and Oregon White Truffle
served with:
Crostini with Basil Fromage Blanc, Pea Shoots & Black Pepper-Blackberry Vinegar Reduction
and Mint, Mustard Raba & Black Radish Salad

2nd course-
Lemongrass & Elderflower Coconut Milk-poached Halibut
served with:
Galangal-roasted Golden Beets
and Wilted Dong Choi, Mizuna & Fava Leaves with Chiles

3rd course-
Bacon*-candied Popcorn and Rose Petal Chips with Lemon Saffron Sorbet
*(Flora LaFleur-Intelligentsia Matalapa Single-Origin Coffee, Hibiscus Flowers, Lime Zest, Port)

After the last dinner of The Northwest Farm & Table Project, I'll be posting an extensive post about my process behind this project, reflections on this first run of a brand new idea and an extensive list of the local farms, bakeries, distilleries, and even florists that have made this project more than I could have ever imagined. I'll be announcing the next installment of The Farm & Table Project shortly.

NYC, get those calendars out! It's Dinner Time!

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