Fish is Fish for Dinner.

The menu will present three bold and refreshing seafood courses and a decadent dessert. It will be held this Friday at Community Supported Kitchens here in Portland. We have a menu of Quilcene oysters, local clams and mussels and Dungeness crabs prepared with fresh vegetables and bright tastes to get you out of this Northwest winter rut! With flavors like grapefruit, linguica and sunchokes, this menu has Spring written all over it. I'll be discussing many of the issues around seafood sustainability as we enjoy the responsible harvest of our local waters!

Here's the refreshing, decidedly anti-braising menu from last night's Community Feast:

Buckley Bay Oysters with mignonette of grapefruit, guajillo peppers and kirschwasser

Mussels with white wine, linguica, white beans and toasted hazelnuts

Dungeness Crab Salad with kale, radish, sunchoke, ricotta salata and Meyer lemon vinaigrette

Chocolate Pudding with whipped cream and burnt blood orange crumble

Everything was delicious and well-received. Looks like I might be joining these dinners more often in the future. Keep checking back for the next dinner!

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  1. Berlin: Great piece in OregoLive.com. I tried to comment but there's a glitch there.

    I'm coming to town for IACP April conf. Can you tell me if PDXMeat is doing anything during that time? Convergence of food writers, editors, publishers, means many meat geeks and "Hognoscenti" as I like to call us pig geeks.

    Keep on keeping on,