Thank You!!

On December 31st my BCN/PDX project was successfully funded on Kickstarter! I am so honored and excited to have been supported by so many people, most of whom I have never met!

More than 15 new flavors will be developed with the help of the donors who pledged at the "Name-Your-Flavor" level! I really look forward to the collaboration of these donors on so many new flavors to experiment with!

With deep gratitude I'd like to thank the over 40 donors who have made my project a success:

Emi Kane
Donnea Sims
Ashley Chambers
Chloe Eudaly
Amanda Key
Jim Eagan
David Fredrickson
Veronica Golden
Karl Wong
Katrina Schaffer
Anna Richter
Deborah Tuggle
Denis Picard
Serge Rodriguez
Andrew Weissman
Nicholas Montgomery
Alexandre Macedo
Chris Stiles
Audrey Ferrie
Bernadette Doolan
Mary Gilkerson
Ally Picard
Melanie Griffin
Andreae Callanan
Cherlyn Russo
Michelle DeChesser
Gordon McAlpin
Mark Baenziger
Cecily Upton
Brian Stoner
Maia Mittelstaedt
Megan Woo
Daviana Reed
Helga Reed
Jutta Turner
Amy Lomax
Joanne and Anthony Frank
Lissa Gundlach
Alice Eisenberg
Nikki Harding
Heritage Farms Northwest
Andrea Unrest
Fievel Gordon
Jen Dent
Martha Prybylo
Budibudio Eko

I apologize now for the fact that I might not be writing much in the next few weeks. Many of my projects begin in earnest this month and I don't know when I'll be able to sit and write a new post about anything else. This is a great time to get in questions for the next 'Ask The Ethical Butcher' post! I will try to do updates on the development of new flavors, and you can expect to see more videos very soon!

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